AYECKA Communication Systems Ltd., a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions for satellite link-based IP and MBI s.r.l. a leading provider of innovative IT services and satcom #telecommunications #technology telecommunications systems are announcing the launch of a tightly integrated ground and space modem and HUB system including Network Management (NMS), Multi-modem Chassis and a software defined Modemware for space.
Ayecka Modem technologies supports gigabit connectivity from and to space while the MBI HyperCube IP-based satellite network can support and scale to service tens of million of devices and terminals.
The MBI Gateway/AYECKA Modem Suite has been designed for low-earth orbit, CubeSat, SmallSat satellite operators and supports multiple applications and vertical markets:
– Earth & Weather Observation
– Data Distribution
– LEO space research projects
– Cloud and Security service from space
– Intelligence gathering
– Space telemetry
To learn more about AYECKA Gateway and Modem Solution for LEO – visit https://www.ayecka.com
To learn more about MBI HyperCube – visit www.mbigroup.it/en/
About MBI
MBI s.r.l. was founded in 2001 with a mission to create innovative IT services and telecommunications systems. The company provides products, solutions, consulting, design and application services, typically verticalized and customized according to the individual needs of its customers. MBI offers increasingly optimized and intelligent products and services enabling to compete at the highest level.
Established in 2005, privately-held AYECKA Communication Systems Ltd., is a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions for satellite link-based IP and video delivery. The company’s SATCOM offerings, comply with the strictest requirements and regulations, and continuously drive and exceed satellite communication technology performance standards.
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