PowerSchedO for Oil and Gas 

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PowerSchedO is an advanced decision support system developed for the Gas & Power market

PowerSchedO uses operations research in a combination of methods with efficient and effective technical resolution algorithms. It was designed to simplify the creation of mathematical models of reality. It is available as a suite of solutions designed to elaborate common processes and improve performance.These instances are available as stand-alone applications, a client-server or as a hosted service on the MBI cloud.

PowerSchedO for gas portfolio optimization

Providing long-term and spot market  contracts, optimizing logistics by using transport and storage contracts are typical activities for companies buying and selling gas. PowerSchedO supports the user in short and medium-long term planning for optimizing and balancing the gas portfolio, thus providing a complete solution for all optimization activities in a simple and effective way.

PowerSchedO for LNG

Portfolio optimization is a key activity when it comes to controlling LNG supply chain costs, with the main goal being to maximize total profits. Given the high number of variables to consider, the most profitable sources can be recognized and used using specific tools. Portfolio optimization can also be used as a what-if analysis tool to explore new ways of increasing profit.

PowerSchedO for REMI forecast

Gas marketing companies make gas consumption forecasts for their customers in order to identify the quantity of gas to be re-supplied to REMI cabins, so as to match gas deliveries to demand. Consumption forecasts are processed every day, using for example predictive models based on the relation between consumption and ambient temperature.

Become experts in forecasting suppy, optimize your customer portfolio, maximize profits with PowerSchedO. Our team is at your disposal to give new impetus to your business.

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