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Forecasting services

PowerSchedO for Market Analysis is the platform for analysis, forecasting and optimization services for your business.

PowerSchedO uses operations research in a combination of methods, extremely efficient and effective resolution technical algorithms. The forecast services have been designed to make their inclusion in third-party IT systems easy. Numerous forecast models are available complete with efficiency graphs and web interface.

Prediction of signs of macro-zone imbalance

The Energy Management activities of those who buy and sell wholesale electricity are uncertain and risky. The uncertainty arises from the impossibility of being able to develop correct consumption and production forecasts.

Forecast of the volumes of imbalance

To manage the uncertainties associated with the macro-zonal imbalance, the wholesale operators of the electricity market adopt appropriate risk management techniques. The data considered are many and among these there is often the prediction of the sign of imbalance.

Forecast of imbalance penalties

With Terna’s invoice, which regulates the economic items deriving from purchases and sales on wholesale markets, the dispatching user sees a “price delta” applied with respect to the MGP prices.

 MPG prices forecast

The Day Ahead Market is the main and perhaps most important wholesale market for electricity. Having good forecasts helps manage risk and increase margins.

Photovoltaic production forecast

The forecast of electricity production from photovoltaic plants is one of the key activities for users of production dispatching. 

Wind production forecast

The forecast of wind production has become a non-negligible source of risk for dispatching operators.

Forecasting experts to manage risk and increase profits.
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