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Satellite communications

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We offer innovative, efficient and sustainable technology solutions

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Bando FAR-FAS 2014

The SVI.I.C.T.PRECIP. (Development of integrated technological platform for the control and the transmission of... read more

PowerSchedO for PCR

Price Coupling of Regions is here. This means that there is a single day-ahead energy market linking European... read more

We offer innovative, efficient and sustainable technology solutions

Advanced telecommunications systems

Technological innovations in the field of telecommunications in recent years have brought enormous social, cultural and economic changes. Innovation brings change. MBI aims to do this in an ethical and sustainable way. Our objective is to optimize resources, improve quality of life and safeguard the environment.

New waveforms

Satellite and terrestrial networks


Mobile telecommunications


Internet of things

Business analytics and optimization

With MBI’s business analytics and optimization solutions, your company can achieve performance levels consistently higher than competitors. With PowerSchedO you can say goodbye to decisions based on intuition and move to decisions based on facts. PowerSchedO helps you to reach goals such as strategic planning, management and operational control in real time.





Manage risk

Research & Development

Research & development

In line with market developments, MBI concretely shows that investing in research is the only way to create products and solutions with a low degree of obsolescence. To do this you need to participate in high technology research projects.

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