The internet of things

A street lamp that measures air pollution. A washing machine switched on from your computer. An alarm clock that goes off earlier when there is traffic.

Internet of things: objects become recognizable and acquire intelligence by means of sensors that detect data and their connection to the network for distribution. Linking sensors installed in even the most inaccessible places to the rest of the world will change our daily lives in ways we cannot even conceive nowadays.





Sensor networks technology


Video surveillance

Hypercube platform

Both the Internet of Things and large-scale development of applications such as  machine-to-machine (M2M) are now possible thanks to Hypercube. This  innovative and highly efficient solution has been developed by MBI in partnership with leading satellite operators. Hypercube finally makes it feasible to develop an IP-based satellite network  which creates services like 2M using consumer grade type apparatuses, and which can be scaled to include tens of millions of devices.

M2M - Machine to Machine - Internet of things - MBI Group

Machine to Machine: Data Acquisition

Manage supervision, control and data acquisition systems with just one operator.  Avoid issues with absence of signal, lack of coverage or discontinuity of connection. MBI offers a geophraphical  telecommunications network via satellite with scalable and modular services to easily suit different needs. Just one provider and just one customer service for all different devices.

Sensor networks technology

Sensors installed across an area help identify important data for monitoring and predicting events. For optimum use, data needs to be transmitted, aggregated and analyzed. MBI provides connectivity systems and services and tools to analyse and manage real-time big data.

Sensors network - Internet of things - MBI Group
Video surveillance - Internet of things - MBI Group

Video surveillance

By combining innovative warning and safety systems together with video systems, it is possible to detect genuine intrusions and limit unnecessary call-outs for false alarms. Traditional telecom technologies offer slow and unreliable connections. Instead, MBI uses satellite technology to provide fast, reliable connections capable of transmitting up to 6MB/s, the ideal bit rate for video surveillance.

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