Satellite and terrestrial networks

Satellite and terrestrial networks for a faster and reliable distribution of multimedia content has become a necessity for companies.

New technologies allow organizations to streamline processes and create new business models. It comes the need for solid infrastructure to communicate quickly and securely. MBI offers its experience and knowledge to offer solutions using the latest communication technologies.

Video contribution and web TV

Video entertainment is changing: affordable prices, simple and easy-to-use technologies means you can have reliable and high quality broadcasts of your live events. Stream the presentation of your new product live, broadcast league matches, your sporting events or concerts, operas and demonstrations? MBI can help you do this. We have a  long experience of encoding / decoding, multimedia and telecommunications networks. If you need to broadcast high quality video or live events in a reliable and inexpensive way, you need to look further than terrestrial networks. Video contribution services via KA SAT satellite are what you need. We offer very reasonably-priced hardware for pay-per-use services.

Live video contribution

Video distribution

Connectivity on the move

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This solution enables secure internet connections on board vehicles. A variety of different telecommunication systems are used interchangeably to ensure no service interruption or loss of data. The system is able to automatically select the most appropriate communication channel, thus drastically reducing management costs and optimizing quality of service. It’s perfect for vehicles of different types: from pleasure boats to public safety rescue vehicles.


The ideal solution for fleet operators of vehicles or boats. It provides real-time tracking of  vehicle movement, operational status, consumption and offline analysis of routes.

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Designing value-added networks and services

How is it possible to share an internet connection without sacrificing security and privacy? How can a corporate network be made secure, as well as more efficient? We all know that technology offers great opportunities but often we don’t know how to use it properly or we can’t find the right partners to work with. MBI has ready-made solutions for all types of broadband connectivity all over the world, in both public and private contexts. Combinations of satellite, fibre, wireless or cable connections to suit every situation.

Does your company need to connect offices in different locations with your head office? Do you need to send large amounts of data quickly? Does you network have an alarm system but your network does not offer you adequate access?

With MBI you have just one partner for all your connections, only one point of contact staffed by qualified technicians to offer ad hoc solutions for complex network configurations to protect data and communications.

Advanced networks and security

Broadband internet worldwide

Video surveillance

Internet connectivity in crisis situations

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