Spread Spectrum
Esva Measurement

The SSEEM (Spread SpEctrum Esva Measurement) System allows Satellite Operators to measure the co- and crosspolar radiation pattern of the transmit/receive antennas of ground stations during Earth Station Verification and Assistance (ESVA) tests. It is a compact and innovative product based on a spread spectrum approach.

Possibility to perform the measurement of the radiation pattern of the System Under Test (SUT) antenna also using satellite transponder already in use by commercial carriers, such as DVB.
 Opportunity to measure the linearity of the communication channel and, if necessary, to perform its linearization.
Ability to operate in the presence of very high interference, with negative values of C/N, thanks to the use of the new spread-spectrum signal, namely H3SB (Highly Spread Spectrum Slotted Burst).
Full management of the platform via a smart web-based graphical user interface. The developed platform also has embedded post-processing software tools which process the collected data.