Business Analytics and Optimization


PowerSchedO – your support system for decision making

PowerSchedO is a powerful advanced Business Analytics and Optimization tool which provides concrete solutions for your business needs just when you need them.

More and more companies are discovering that performance can be improved just be exploiting stored data and other information already in their possession. Using big data effectively leads to unimaginable competitive advantages.  Business Intelligence and Business Analytics help monitor Key Performance Indicators and predict how they will progress over time. PowerSchedO is software able to go that one step further: it models and simulates real-time business scenarios in order to optimize performance. It is unbeatable for strategic planning support.



PowerSchedO is used to support decision making for various complex business problems.

It in many sectors including energy, manufacturing, and logistics. Pre-packaged products are created for your specific problems but it could be easily tailored to your business in both standard or very complex situations.

PowerSchedO uses tools and techniques for a resolution with a strong mathematical connotation

It integrates dedicated algorithms and business optimization tools creating the perfect balance between power and cost. Since the modeling of reality and taking advantage of the available data concerning the problem to be solved, processes accurately and reliably the responses expressed as “actionable insight”, achieving real business benefits.

PowerSchedO allow you to predict, simulate, optimize and manage risk

Its platform consists of four main modules that help your company to evolve towards a mode “data driven” of your business by increasing your performance.


a tailor made system for your business

Special Projects


the proven solutions for your business

Standard Solutions

There is a difference between ‘Business Intelligence’ and ‘Business Analytics’ and not many in the industry understand that. Monitoring and tracking metrics/KPIs in the form of reports/dashboards is ‘Business Intelligence’, but making meaningful sense of these metrics, co-relating them with other factors that influence them, understanding the trends and using statistical algorithms to predict outcomes is where the bang for the buck is…and that is ‘Business Analytics’. I have seen many Senior Executives flash numbers/charts in their board meetings, but can they accurately and confidently take very specific actions to make those numbers look better?  Isnt ‘experience’ or ‘gut feel’ play a majority part in the decision making?



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