It was March 2015 when on the CWE regions – at that time FR, DE-AT, NL, BE – was performed a public parallel run, regarding the switching to flow-based market coupling, the so-called FB MC project.
The models used to forecast market signals had to be changed. New modelling of transmission constraints was arriving.


At that time we worked with an important company working on energy trading in CWE to build new tools to analyse the electricity market with the flow-based.

Now in 2020, other changes will be arriving. The extension of the FB MC to other countries will be handled with the so-called Core FB MC project.

On Q4 2020 new parallel runs will be performed for the Core FB MC. Q4 2020 is also the best time to build new tools for the new electricity market.

If you want to start right now with FB MC day-ahead electricity market analysis, whilst getting ready for the 2021 electricity market contact us at this link

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