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PowerSchedOan advanced decision support system developed for Gas & Energy

PowerSchedO uses operations research in a combination of methods with efficient and effective technical resolution algorithms. It was designed to simplify the creation of mathematical models of reality. It is available as a suite of solutions designed to elaborate common processes and improve performance.These instances are available as stand-alone applications, a client-server or as a hosted service on the MBI cloud.

PowerSchedO for PCR

PowerSchedO for PCR (Price Coupling of Regions) focuses on the day-ahead energy market. It helps you to forecast prices and trading volumes, and evaluate the impacts of new bidding strategies.

PowerSchedO for Market Analysis

PowerSchedO for Market Analysis is a commercial service for calculating and sending imbalance sign forecasts for the NORD and SOUTH macro-areas. The forecasts are updated at every hour, while the sending can be scheduled according to the needs of the Energy Management team.

PowerSchedO for XBID

The “Cross-Border Intraday Market Project” also known as XBID, is an initiative lead by several European power exchanges in order to increase the efficiency of the intra-day market enabling continuous cross-zonal trading.

PowerSchedO for zModel

It simplifies all the processes of buying and selling electricity on wholesale markets. It develops a binding plan to minimize exposure to imbalance penalties.
It managese a market day unbalance in order to effectively unbundle  binding plans on pre-MSD markets.

PowerSchedO for UC Forecasts

Designed for wholesale energy market operators, it can simply and autonomously produce excellent forecasts of consumption units while reducing the risks (and costs) of imbalance.


PowerSchedO for Data Collection

PowerSchedO for Data Collection is the specific solution designed and developed to help any market analyst to build a bullet-proof database of power markets data. At today, the data sources properly handled are: entso-e, elia, jao, terna, epex-spot, omie, gme.


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