PowerSchedO for Power

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PowerSchedO is an advanced decision support system developed for Gas & Energy

PowerSchedO uses operations research in a combination of methods with efficient and effective technical resolution algorithms. It was designed to simplify the creation of mathematical models of reality. It is available as a suite of solutions designed to elaborate common processes and improve performance.These instances are available as stand-alone applications, a client-server or as a hosted service on the MBI cloud.

PowerSchedO for PCR

PowerSchedO for PCR (Price Coupling of Regions) focuses on the day-ahead energy market. It helps you to forecast prices and trading volumes, and evaluate the impacts of new bidding strategies.

PowerSchedO for Market Analysis

PowerSchedO for Market Analysis is a commercial service for calculating and sending imbalance sign forecasts for the NORD and SOUTH macro-areas. The forecasts are updated at every hour, while the sending can be scheduled according to the needs of the Energy Management team.

PowerSchedO for XBID

The “Cross-Border Intraday Market Project” also known as XBID, is an initiative lead by several European power exchanges in order to increase the efficiency of the intra-day market enabling continuous cross-zonal trading.

PowerSchedO for zModel

It simplifies all the processes of buying and selling electricity on wholesale markets. It develops a binding plan to minimize exposure to imbalance penalties.
It managese a market day unbalance in order to effectively unbundle  binding plans on pre-MSD markets.