PowerSchedO for cogeneration

Many production activities are energy-consuming while energy supply contracts are economically penalizing and do not follow production cycles.

For these reasons, many industries make use of cogeneration plants (e.g. with combined cycle gas turbines – CCGT) and photovoltaic systems..

With the same energy produced, we find, hour by hour, the best set-up of the cogeneration plant


Minimize the use of the main fuel



Minimize the CO2 quotas emitted



Maximize the revenue from the sale of electricity



  • Management and analysis of measurement data from turbines
  • Management of the energy demand of the production plant
  • Management of the cost of natural gas and the contribution of biogas (if any)
  • Cost management for CO2 emissions
  • Possible management of the forecast / production of a non-programmable cogeneration plant (photovoltaic);
  • Determination of the optimal operating point of the CCGT for covering the energy demand of the production plant;
  • Possible generation of sales offers for the day-ahead market (MGP) in order to provide extra revenue;
  • Multi-user desktop user interface for easy management by end users;

Optimization of cogeneration

The data analysis allows you to automatically track the entire company energy supply system.
With the application of optimization algorithms, the best set-up of the cogeneration plant is quickly and easily determined.

PowerSchedO for Cogeneration

for Cogeneration

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