Shaping the future of broadcasting


For the first time, satellite broadcasters and TV platform operators can enhance their services by adding interactivity to their direct-to-home (DTH) users through a satellite return link. This “giant leap” can be achieved with Starfish, an innovative and cost-effective platform, which equips broadcasters with a flexible and high-performance solution for satellite-only environments.

Using cutting-edge technologies, Starfish can easily transform traditional entertainment into an interactive experience.
This network scales up to tens of millions users, and only needs easy-to-use, consumer-grade devices available at the user’s own premises. On the operator side, this ambitious target can be met with Starfish, a highly modular and flexible platform. Starfish can be fully integrated with the content provider’s existing architecture, thus significantly minimizing capital expenditure.


Connected TV is destined to expand rapidly. Growing competition from over-the-top providers will move TV satellite operators and broadcasters to evolve in terms of services and strategies to provide content.


A wide range of services, including non-linear TV, IP-based applications, and home automation, is now possible in a satellite-only context. This enhancement is achieved via DTH satellite transmission, and is independent of any terrestrial infrastructure, either wired or wireless.
The Starfish platform boosts non-linear TV services, by allowing a satellite bouquet operator to leverage the impressive evolution of web applications, which are currently accessible only to terrestrial and over-the-top (OTT) operators. In this way, satellite broadcasters can build their own interactive features with a fully satellite-based infrastructure, available everywhere, and for everyone.

Using Starfish, operators can  provide customers with a number of services via satellite, including payment transactions, on-demand services, HbbTV, pay-per-view, social networking, live show participation and multi screen viewing. Together with TV-oriented applications, Starfish also supports additional integrated services, including every kind of IP-based application, and home automation.
Finally, a return link, which is available for the first time for all terminals, paves the way for innovative features on the broadcaster side, such as enhanced conditional access system (CAS) techniques, real-time audience measurement and remote interactive satellite terminal (IST) control.

Platform capabilities

Easy integration with existing architectures on both forward and return links
System optimization for both single and multiple-beam configurations, and for all frequency ranges (C, Ku, and Ka bands)
Highly scalable, modular and adaptive architecture, full integration with existing management facilities

Innovative features

Interactivity provided to DTH customers via a satellite-only infrastructure
Added-value services on the broadcaster side, including enhanced CAS, real-time audience measurement and remote terminal control
Additional integrated services, such as home automation and internet via satellite
“Connected TV is booming. Most people use tablets while watching TV, and web giants are investing massively in the connected TV market, threatening traditional broadcasters and pushing them to deploy new interactive services. The Starfish solution allows our customers to deploy these services everywhere.”

Antonio ArcidiaconoDirector of Innovation at Eutelsat S.A., Paris, France


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