Advanced telecommunications systems

In recent years technological innovations for advanced telecommunications systems have led to enormous social, cultural and economic changes.

MBI aims to bring about change in an ethical and sustainable way so as to improve the quality of life and the environment.


Technological research and development to transform the way people communicate.


Tracking and control systems for vehicles and fleets.

Satellite communications

Transmit or receive data from multiple points in a network from anywhere.

Content delivery

Designing high for sending and receiving data in any format.
New waveforms - Advanced telecommunications systems - MBI group

New waveforms

Our expertise and experience in delivering technology solutions for satellite field allows us to partner with leading industry players and to participate actively in innovation. In recent years MBI has developed new frameworks and communication protocols thus opening the door to a wide range of possible applications that are already ready to transform our daily lives. Find out more

Internet of things

A street lamp which detects the level of air pollution. A washing machine which is activated by a computer.  An alarm clock that goes off at an earlier time if there are traffic problems on your route. Objects become recognizable and acquire intelligence using sensors which  detect data and which connect to internet to distribute it. Connecting a world of sensors, installed in the most inaccessible places, with the rest of the world can change our daily lives in ways that we are not even aware of today. Find out more

Internet of things - Advanced telecommunications systems - MBI group
Satellite and terrestrial networks - Advanced telecommunications systems - MBI group

Satellite and terrestrial networks

New technologies allow companies to streamline processes and create new business models. Efficiency and effectiveness are improving, but solid infrastructures become necessary in order to ensure quick and secure communication. Connecting companies via  faster and more reliable telecommunication networks so as to distribute multimedia content is now a necessity. MBI builds on its experience and knowledge to offer customers its solutions which use the most up-to-date communication technologies available. Find out more

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