a tailor made system for your business

PowerSchedO is a very flexible decision-making system which can be adapted to any type of business

PowerSchedO uses operations research in a combination of methods with efficient and effective technical resolution algorithms. It was designed to simplify the creation of mathematical models of reality.

Model your business

Forecast your growth

Simulate potential scenarios

Optimize performance

PowerSchedO: some use cases

  • Manage and optimize supplier/customer portfolio
  • Optimize procurement processes, production, storage, sales, distribution, energy consumption, etc.
  • Manage and optimize distribution networks, production, storage, transport, etc.
  • Robust programming
  • Schedule processes
  • Forecast production, consumption, market performance / price, etc.
  • Manage risks
  • Manage and optimize plant maintenance
  • Manage active demand


In all cases where it was possible to measure the economic benefit of using PowerSchedO, we have seen that this is around 10-15%. From an operational point of view, the results show a quality that does not depend on any human factor. PowerSchedO special features are:

  • Complex problem modelling, while formalizing the operating environment efficiently in mathematical terms
  • Incremental modeling of operating environment
  • Providing a host of interfaces to integrate seamlessly into business information systems
  • Low time-to-market
  • Excellent ROI: investment is recovered in weeks / months
  • Management and joint optimization of adjacent portfolios
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